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[Company restructuring information] Restructured to further grow its business.


The business was spun off and transferred to a holding company, FLAGS HOLDINGS Co. The agency division remains unchanged as kiCk, Inc., and the meechoo division is reincorporated as iUM, Inc..

kiCk, Inc. (Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Daishi Fujikawa) has decided to spin off its agency business and meechoo business through a corporate split effective April 30, 2021, in order to further develop these two businesses. In accordance with this decision, FLAGS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. will be established as a holding company to coordinate the management and control of the entire group. The agency business will continue as kiCk, Inc., and the meechoo business will continue as iUM, Inc.. iUM will continue their respective businesses.

 Background to the corporate restructuring

Since its inception, kiCk Inc. has been building internal structures and solving communication problems for companies with the goal of “diversity and inclusion”. We believe that this attitude will become increasingly important in the social environment of the future. That is why we have decided to be more active than ever in spreading this message. In an effort to expand the company’s creativity, which is one of its strengths, beyond the field of advertising, the company has also launched a new B-to-C business, “meechoo,” as a new internal business that has grown to 650,000 PV and 180,000 UU per month in the six months since its official launch. In order to create something and contribute to society, iUM Inc. was established as a new company. With this conversion to a holding company, we will bring and leverage the various technologies, use of data, and knowledge of marketing activities at iUM, Inc. into the agency business of kiCk, Inc. as a BtoB business. This will create a business-to-business ecosystem under the Holdings umbrella.


Company Name          :FLAGS HOLDINGS Ltd.
The idea behind the company name :Everyone can be who they are and be proud of it. We want to create a “diverse and inclusive” society
                   that accepts everyone. The founding idea of the company is expressed in the word “FLAGS”, which
                   stands for “several flags”, each representing a different person with a collection of things to be
                   proud of. These “flags” come in different colors, different sizes, and different shapes. Sometimes
                   they wave in the sky, sometimes they stand still when there is no wind. Even though, these “flags”
                   appreciate themselves, believe in themselves, and embrace themselves. The sight of many such
                   ”flags” rising and fluttering in the air is the ideal society we want to achieve. Our company will
                   maintain this philosophy of gathering and accepting all individual members and various businesses
                   at all times, and actively challenge opportunities whenever and wherever they are. We will always
                   maintain this position.

CEO                :Daishi Fujikawa
Vision               :To implement diversity and inclusion where each individual can shine and contribute as an individual.

CEO Daishi Fujikawa’s comment
We are now at an important turning point in time. Amid the recent technological revolution and major changes in the social landscape, this view of “diversity and inclusion” is the foundation for the existence of people and businesses, and the social environment that the future should be. kiCk inc. was founded in 2013. From the beginning, the company has strived to create an environment where diverse people can identify and build on their professional strengths and create something together. In such an environment, we help all kinds of partners from different industries to identify and solve communication-related problems. Those we work with, whether they are companies or individuals, bring us new individualities and values. The vision of FLAGS HOLDINGS is to breed companies within the group that can show their own individual “flags”. These companies under the FLAGS will be able to organize members that share the same values and allow them to display their own individual “flags”. By combining our strengths of “individual creativity” with the power of technology and data, we as partners can uncover the individuality and value of companies and individuals and enable them to “shine in their own ways”. Our long-term goal is to combine the power of individuals to pursue and achieve core values that an individual cannot possibly achieve alone.


Our Business

– Creative Company

Company name: kiCk Inc.

Slogan: GET YOUR KICKS! Changing the world with excitement. 

CEO: Daishi Fujikawa

Business details: Our creative agency business is about using creativity to create new value and bring change to society.

・Creative agency business: providing core solutions to corporate marketing problems.

・Production business: able to implement high-quality video production with creativity.

・Casting business: high reputation and success in casting through exclusive channels.

・XR business: create new ways of communication for the future.Further new business areas are being developed.

Corporate website:

– The Well-Being Company

Company name: iUM Inc.

The idea behind the company name:We are committed to creating a world where every person can appreciate and love themselves. Our vision is to resonate with people through a well-being mentality and fill the entire community with happiness. We have combined these founding ideas into a new word that combines the ‘i’ for individuals and the suffix ‘-ium’ for the place. It is pronounced /aɪm/, which is the same as ‘I’m’, which stands for self. Since ancient times, the Japanese have had the tradition of finding happiness in relationships with others. We will use the power of modern technology to create a Japanese-style lifestyle of well-being that is simultaneously consistent with our values of “diversity and inclusion.”

Slogan: Be Me. Praise myself.

CEO: Daishi Fujikawa

Business details:A well-being company originating in Japan that uses technology to help people enjoy their lives

・Gifting platform business “meechoo”: make giving and receiving gifts more enjoyable.

・Gifting entertainment business: bring entertaining elements to the gift giving.

・Mind Health Tech Business: Support the improvement of individual self-esteem.Further new business areas are being developed.

Corporate website:


Jun 2013 kiCk Inc. was founded in Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, to provide corporate branding, advertising, integrated promotion, and design services.  

Dec 2013 12 Relocated office to Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo due to business expansion.

Jan 2014 Began building a guild-like organization with freelancers and small businesses. May May 2015 Relocated office to Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo due to business expansion. Apr 2017 Relocated office to Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Sep 2017 Digital communication area become a separate division due to business expansion.

Oct 2017 Partnering with KONG Co. to expand the casting operations structure.

Dec 2018 Capital increase to 50 million JPY.

Jun 2019 Establishment of production division with video/graphic shooting and editing system.

Jul 2020 Official launch of birthday gifting media “meechoo”.

Mar 2021 FLAGS HOLDINGS Corporation was founded.Apr 2021 iUM Co. was founded.




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